Delkon Trader

Delkon Trader 1.0

Travel from planet to planet, buying & selling a variety of goods
1.0 (See all)

Make your fortune traveling from planet to planet, buying and selling a variety of goods. But be careful, you're not alone on these trade routes. Besides the human and computer opponents, you'll have to contend with deep space pirates and police searching your hold for illegal goods. So select your ship, hire a crew, and get ready to take on the challenges.

To turn a profit, you'll need to watch the prices of a variety of goods throughout the game's five solar systems. Not all planets produce the same goods, so supply and demand determine how the prices change. Transport enough goods and you may even affect the prices yourself.
But you'll need to watch the map too, some planets can be reached more quickly than others. The game is for one or two human players, with four computer opponents with adjustable skill levels.

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